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General Benefits of Divorce Mediation

Associates in Mediation in Cleveland, Ohio, can help you see the benefits of domestic mediation.


Relationship Preservation

The mediation process is designed to reduce conflict through fostering understanding and cooperative decision-making. Therefore, not only are the practical aspects of the divorce managed, a healthier post-divorce relationship is possible.


Divorce is first and foremost a personal event, not simply a legal one. The mediation process empowers parties to retain control of decisions impacting their families and the lives of their children. The final mediated agreement reflects their personal values, desires and needs, rather than the imposition of a legal standard of fairness by the courts.

Protection of Children

A bitter, conflict-producing litigated divorce often causes children significant emotional pain and future psychological stresses. Parents who use mediation may enjoy stronger parenting relationships with their children by modeling cooperative resolution rather than conflict driven adversarial decision-making.

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In a traditional divorce, parties’ decisions and information pertaining to their finances, property and personal lives is a matter of public record. The mediation process assures strict confidentiality from start to finish.


At a fraction of an attorney-driven divorce, mediation saves expensive hourly attorney fees and substantial court costs. The average mediated divorce is between $5,000 and $7,000 according to the Wall Street Journal, saving you between $22,000 and $73,000 on your divorce, compared to a more traditional divorce proceeding.

Less Time Consuming

Depending on which aspects of a divorce (parental responsibilities, division of assets, child support, spousal support) are addressed in mediation, the process can generally be completed in five-to-ten sessions. Parties are not at the mercy of their attorneys’ schedules or their commitments to their other clients or the court dockets.

Commitment to Agreement

Decisions imposed by the courts in traditional divorce proceedings are less apt to be adhered to because they were not reached through voluntary agreement. In a mediated divorce, there is less likelihood of future litigation and a greater likelihood of commitment to the settlement agreement.


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