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What is Mediation?

You can benefit from good-faith mediation! Choose Associates in Mediation.


Before you pick up the weapons of litigation consider using the tools of communication by engaging in a mediation.  And if you have already picked up the weapons of trial, consider putting them down to try the tools of pre-trial mediation.

If you are already involved in trial litigation, there is little risk of negative effect at trial with the creation of the Uniform Mediation Act in 1997. It requires confidentiality and no specific report is allowed. The cost of the mediator is split by the parties and the time devoted to the effort can be limited by agreement and/or extended if progress toward resolution is being made.


Pamela N. Hultin, Esq. and Linda McGraw, Ph.D., offer the expertise you need for your business or marriage -- Associates in Mediation

Pamela N. Hultin, Esq. a lawyer for the past 38 years and a founding member of Smith & Hultin LLC and
Linda McGraw, Ph.D., a practicing clinical psychologist for the past 30 years and founding member of the
Organization for Psychological Health are the Associates in Mediation providing mediation services for
business disputes and/or divorce and domestic relations cases.

Associates in Mediation facilitates potential or existing litigants not only in fully resolving their dispute but in identifying those issues they cannot resolve and eliminating some issues by mutual agreement and negotiated resolution before engaging in the trial process.

If you are unfamiliar with mediation, take a look at the "Frequently Asked Questions" page before you make a hasty decision to litigate. You'll be glad you did.

You owe it to yourself to make contact today and take a step toward mediation.

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